User Guide (Park Ticket Sales)

Park Ticket Sales Schedule

Tickets for admissions two months later will be sold daily from 2:00 p.m.
(If the same day of the month does not exist that month, purchases can be made from 2:00 p.m. on the first day of the next month.)

- Ticket sales may suspended without notice if the number of tickets sold per day reaches a limit for the given sales period.
- Tickets marked as "Sold out" may be available for purchase again without notice.

Limit of Ticket Purchases

With one transaction, you can purchase up to five Park tickets. To purchase six or more tickets, please make a separate transaction.

Park Ticket Types

For a list of Park tickets available for purchase, please see below.

Available Park Tickets

Canceling or Making Changes After Purchasing

  • - Park tickets purchased online cannot be refunded or cancelled due to guests' personal reasons.
  • - Park tickets become invalid when the period of validity printed on them expires.
  • - For Park tickets with a date of admission on or after April 1, 2023, designated at the time of purchase, the date of admission and age category can only be changed if the ticket is still valid and unused (some ticket types cannot be changed).
  • - The Park and Park ticket type cannot be changed.
  • - You can change the date of admission and age category from the booking details in My Booking. Changes cannot be made at the Park ticket booths.
  • - If changes to a ticket are made, then the difference must be paid. Please note that the validity of the Park ticket will not be extended.
  • - If you wish to change more than one Park ticket at one time, you must select the same date of admission for all of them.
  • - With higher security measures regarding the use of credit cards, it may not be possible to make ticket changes online.
  • - You may not transfer these tickets to a third party whether for profit or as a gift.